Government projects are a unique process that has unique requirements. Through experience and continued research, we can come up with healthy, positive furniture options that help employees in their day to day work life.

With many GSA contracts and knowledgable staff with plenty of experience, Allspace welcomes the sometimes complex requirements that come with Government projects.


Your office space defines your company. We understand that there's more to creating a conducive and comfortable work environment than placing desks where they "sort of" fit. Focusing on the three biggest assets your company has is important in designing your space. Your real estate, your employees, and the stuff in between your walls.

Carefully considering these points, we learn about your company, it's culture, and it's people individually to come up with solutions that don't try to change your culture, but maximize it's potential by offering comfortable, customizable and ergonomic solutions.


Healthcare is an extremely complicated industry, that has very specific needs. Patient rooms, waiting rooms, administrative areas, lobbies, nursing stations, etc. There needs to be an overall comfortable, yet professional feel to any organization in  healthcare that is efficient, and effective.

Using innovative product lines from exceptional companies like Herman Miller and Nemschoff, the research is continuously being done and challenged to come up with viable solutions for every aspect of healthcare.


Focusing on collaboration, comfort and technology, educational furniture has unique requirements, and the spaces are changing. The classroom holds a smaller portion of a student's time, and Libraries are turning into multifaceted learning areas.

Understanding the new trends, being able to adapt to them and the application is incredibly important in designing educational environments.

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